Condolence & Memory Journal

Covazone was an Italian Easter tradition in our household. It consisted of hot Italian sausage, swiss cheese, locatelli cheese and here's the kicker - - - - - -
28 eggs! Some were raw and some were hard boiled.
I would mix the filling and Anna Marie would make the
dough. She was good at dough - after all she worked
in a bank for over 40 years! All of this would go into a 12x17 pan. It was very heavy to put into the oven.
This covazone was very delicious! However, it was bad for you. We ended up changing the name from covazone to "cholesterol city"! We always gave some to Charles to take home. He only lived 45 minutes from us. However, he stopped the car midstream and couldn't wait to eat some covazone before he got home!

Posted by DOLORES RINALDI - Family   July 02, 2021

Charles & Joanne loved to travel. They went to Italy, many cruises and other countries. What they enjoyed most was to go on gambling jaunts.
I remember Anna Marie and I went with them one
year to Las Vegas. We were going to one of the famous casinos for dinner. We did not have reservations but
Charles told the maitred that we wanted a table at the window so we could see all the city lights while dining.
The maitred said to follow him, When Charles saw
that he was taking us to a corner, Charles just turned around and we left the place. That maitred is probably still looking for us.

Posted by DOLORES RINALDI    July 01, 2021

Charles loved automobiles! He would always attend the car shows when they came to town. When Anna Marie was ready to purchase a car Charles went with her to give her some pointers and how to get the best price possible. Even after Charles bought his own car, he will still go to car dealers to look at the new models.
We always thought Charles would become a car salesman but he earned his career as an insurance
salesman for Western-Southern. He was very personable and enjoyed talking to people. Dolores worked in the food brokerage business for 30 years, Anna Marie was a banker for over 40 years and of course, Ed became a dentist. Of all the jobs Charles had the one thing he would have been great at was to become a comedian. He would always make you laugh!
A career is what you pay for.
A calling is what you are made for.
Charles missed his calling,
He would have been a great comedian!

Posted by DOLORES RINALDI - Family   July 01, 2021

Charles loved desserts! His favorite dessert was
"Aunt Vi" Cake. This was a swiss chocolate cake.
Each layer was cut in half with a string and filled with cooked chocolate pudding. On the top was real whipped cream and chopped walnuts.
Anna Marie made this cake for Charles every year
after Aunt Vi passed away. Charles was in the hospital
on his 78th birthday. His enjoyed his last Aunt Vi cake on May 12th, his 77th birthday.

Posted by DOLORES RINALDI - Family   July 01, 2021

When we were young, my dad asked each of us if we would like to play an instrument. Charles said he wanted to play drums. My dad said "drums"? How about the triangle? No -I want to play drums! My dad said that he used to play the harmonica and that made nice music. Charles said - No triangle- no harmonica - I want to play the drums! My dad finally enrolled Charles for drum lessons. His drum instructor gave him a round piece of wood with a rubber pad on it to practice. This device didn't make enough noise for Charles. He would turn on the radio with loud music and pound the rubber pad with his drum sticks.
Then Charles decided to hit my head with his sticks.
He said my head was hollow and it would sound real good. ( a typical brother remark) When I told this to my father, he bought Charles a drum set. It was a very nice Mother of Pearl set. Charles became pretty good at playing drums. He gathered some of his buddies and formed a band. They would always come to our house to practice because you couldn't very well take your drum set out. Charles was no Gene Krupa but he did get a few gigs here and there. I remember I got him an alarm clock that was shaped as a drum set - symbols and all. He still has this alarm clock to this day.

Posted by DOLORES RINALDI - Family   June 30, 2021

As most young boys in those days, Charles had a
paper route. This was another job where Charles had to get up early. I actually helped him at times. He
taught me how to fold the newspapers. The papers weren't just rolled up and put in plastic bags like now. Newspapers were heavy back then. Today, there are just a few pages and it cost $5.00!
Charles was also a caddy at the Golf Course.
He didn't like the game of golf. He didn't know a
putter from a 9 iron. He thought if he would suggest a certain club for the golfer and the golfer made a good
shot, Charles would receive a big tip - - - -
that never happened

Posted by DOLORES RINALDI - Family   June 30, 2021

When we were about 8 years old, my dad would take us one at a time to Farmers Market to see Farmer Brown.
I doubt if that was his real name but if my dad said
he was Farmer Brown, then Farmer Brown he was.
Charles had to get up at 4:00 A.M. to go to the market.
My dad purchased pecks, half-bushels and bushels
of fruits and vegetables to feed his family of six.
He mostly bought tomatoes because our entire family took part every Labor Day canning tomatoes.
Another item he purchased were Hungarian Hot Waxed Peppers. It was my chore to fry these peppers.
I remember slaving over the hot stove with the peppers in a large cast iron fry pan. I was coughing, gagging while tears were rolling down my cheeks. As fast as I fried the peppers, Charles and Eddie would eat them in salami sandwiches. I decided to try these hot peppers myself and I, too enjoyed them.
Ed made a salami and hot pepper sandwich for Charles
about 2 months before he passed away and Charles really enjoyed it!

Posted by DOLORES RINALDI - Family   June 30, 2021

Uncle Chuck we love you and had a great two week visit. Mom and I are truly sad that we will not be there to send you off on the next part of your journey but we are with you always. Caroline

Posted by Caroline Miller - New Port Richey, FL - Family   June 28, 2021

Uncle Chuck - thank you for all the laughs on Thanksgiving! You will be truly missed.
Love Jana And Randy

Posted by Jana McDonald - WASHINGTN TWP, MI - Family   June 27, 2021

To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, And a time to die. A time to plant, A time to pluck what is planted; A time to kill, And a time to heal; A time to break down, And a time to build up; A time to weep, And a time to laugh; A time to Mourn, And a time to dance. We can only honor such a great man because he sacrificed and fought with honor for our freedom. He loved everyone and hated no one. Uncle Chuck time is now; And it's his time to gain. Thank God for his Great reward.

Posted by Stephen Bukovics - Concord, CA - Family   June 26, 2021

Uncle Chuck you will be forever in our hearts. Love Joe and Annette

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JANUARY 23, 1962

Posted by DOLORES RINLDI    June 25, 2021

Dear Joanne,
Our deepest sympathy to you in the loss
of your husband.
You spent 46 years together and we know
you will miss him dearly.
Charles could not have asked for a more
loving wife.
Please take comfort to know he is now
at peace with God in Heaven.

Anna Marie & Dolores

Posted by ANNA MARIE & DOLORES - Family   June 25, 2021


Hey Charles - it's me - Dolores - your favorite sister!
We had such fun times together growing up - even though you used
to use my head as your snare drum from time to time..
That is why some think I'm a little nutty.
I kept telling dad to hurry and get you a drum set and he did.
It was a beautiful "mother if pearl" one, too.
Although you never became a Gene Krupa, you did get
a gig here and there.
Charles, you made everyone laugh. You were such a comedian!
You really did miss your calling.
Not only were you funny but the most kind and generous brother
anyone could possibly have.
Lucky you - you are with mom and dad now.
Tell them I miss them and love them very much
and I'm sure gonna miss you too.


Posted by DOLORES RINALDI - LYNDHURST, OH - Sister   June 25, 2021