Condolence & Memory Journal

Dear Sherry, Larry, Terri,
Just found out your mom is in heaven now as Laurie and I were talking.
Dolores still hanging on in Columbus. Remember when your dad would yell you can't go across the driveway when our moms wanted to go to the show?
Know that you are often in our thoughts across the miles. Wish we would have known sooner about Ruth. I'm sure she is making havoc up in heaven!
Prayers and good thoughts to all.
The Pleva girls

Posted by Debbie Pleva - Lansing, MI   March 22, 2020

Posted by A friend   February 02, 2020

Posted by A friend   February 02, 2020

Posted by A friend   February 02, 2020

My Dearest Sweet Nana/Grandma D.

You were not only my grandma but a friend. I could come over at anytime and ask your advise. We'd talk and laugh. You were nonjudgmental and loving. Always offering love and support. I'm gonna miss you, miss your laugh and hope I grow up to be halve the women you were.

Heather (DeSiero)

Posted by A friend   February 02, 2020

I love you grandma and you are special.

Love Iris (DeSiero)

Posted by A friend   February 02, 2020

You were so funny. I will miss all the good times. Love you.

Love Donovan (DeSiero)

Posted by A friend   February 02, 2020

Ruth was one of the GREATEST I have ever met!
She always was so loving and giving and put people first. I am so honored and blessed to have been taken in so lovingly by the DeSiero family and I want to say THANK YOU! I remember all the family gatherings with her, her loving hugs and kisses, and of course her good food. She will be greatly missed and fondly remembered!

Love always Amanda & Myan

Posted by A friend   February 02, 2020

Great Grandma D.
I love you.
What is it like up there?
Love Stella (DeSiero)

Posted by A friend   February 02, 2020

Grams, You welcomed me into your home and family. You always made me feel like I belonged there. I love you and your feisty attitude! I hope that I will be remembered and loved just a fraction of what you are!! Racheal Marie DeSiero

Posted by A friend   February 02, 2020

Ruth, To one of the kindness (sometimes ornery) people I know. Many great times at Ronny Wolf 4th of July parties and so so many good times. I love you and Rip!. Kenny Wolf

Posted by A friend   February 02, 2020

Nana, you were always there for everyone no matter the circumstances. You taught me many great things especially the power of food and bringing people together. You will be greatly missed. Until we met again. Love you Nana.
Joey (Dubbs)

Posted by A friend   February 02, 2020

I have so many wonderful memories of my Nana. The one that stands out is how she used to rock me to sleep in the rocking chair when I would spend the night at her house when my parent were away. She would take me to AG (American Greetings) to change the microfiche, she would take me to McDonalds's, which I never got at home, give me a bath and rock me to sleep. The rocker made so much noise, it's cracking and creaking but it lulled me to sleep. I will forever cherish this memory. Michele (Dubbs)

Posted by A friend   February 01, 2020

Dear Sis, I love you. Happy trails till we meet again Your brother Stan Rock

Posted by A friend   February 01, 2020

My sweet Aunt Ruth, loved to laugh, to party, t0 cook and be a faithful family member. Will miss you dearly! Much love to her. Chris McGirr (Preston)

Posted by A friend   February 01, 2020

It was a pleasure to be part of this family - You will be greatly missed. Brian Rock

Posted by A friend   February 01, 2020

Ruth was the best aunt ever. We had such fun when we were with her. Donna

Posted by A friend   February 01, 2020

Ruth was a sweet lady and will be missed. Audrey and Ruth have been best friends for ever.(since high school) BFF Audrey Lodwick * Love you.

Posted by A friend   January 29, 2020

Love ya Grams! Loved Sunday dinners at the house! Love and miss you. Mikey

Posted by A friend   January 29, 2020

I love you grandma!!!! Sorry I missed your birthday. Josh N.

Posted by A friend   January 29, 2020

Miss you grandma. Joe Dubbs

Posted by Joe Dubbs    January 27, 2020

Gram D - You were one of the greatest ladies I knew. You set such a great example for our family and stressed the importance of family. I'll miss you, but know that you are in a better place, and have reunited with your man and son. See you
Gram D and Gary on the other side. Love Paul

Posted by Paul DeSiero    January 27, 2020

Dear Ruth, I remember what a great roller skater you were and all the good times babysitting your kids, and Mike and you living upstairs from your in-laws, always having fun. Jeanette Kerka

Posted by Jeanette Kerka - OH   January 27, 2020

Aunt Ruth was a lot of fun. I have fond memories of seeing her and Uncle Mike visiting at my mom's house, Mary Vacca. Rest in Peace. Diane (Vacca) Gerg

Posted by Diane (Vacca) Greg    January 27, 2020

God has another angel with him now. I worked with Ruth starting in 1981. She was so good to me. She helped me through difficult times and always made me smile. She pushed me to succeed. It's because of her that I stayed at my job and she pushed me to move on to a career. I loved being with her. Your family was blessed having her in their lives.

Posted by Carole Malburg - Parma Heights, OH   October 05, 2019

We were so sad to hear of Ruth's death. I only met her a few times but I know from my friend Theresa that she was such a loving mother and grandmother. May God give you all in the family comfort since he promises a wonderful hope for those who die. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Laura and Mike Coleman

Posted by Laura and Mike Coleman - Parma Heights, OH   October 03, 2019

So many memories go across my mind.The closeness I felt when I was near her.The feeling of support and comfort just sitting with her at the kitchen table and talking.A positive person that could light up a room with her presence,smiling,laughing and always welcoming.I will miss you,my mom 2.Even with age setting in she was always quite the you with all my heart and then some.Your a shining star and always will be,dancing in the sky.

Posted by Rita Desiero - Parma   October 02, 2019

My mom was not only the best mom,but my best friend.I remember going over on saturdays preparing raviolis,Italian spaghetti sauce,cookies or whatever was needed with her.Those times will never be forgotten.The love and laughter we shared will last me a you forever mom.

Posted by Terri Newman - Parma   October 02, 2019

Larry and Sherry,
I hope you find solace that your Mom is at peace now.

Posted by Jerry Wheatley - Cleveland, OH - Friend   October 01, 2019

Sending our deepest sympathies in the loss of your Mom...Richard and Rochelle Peline

Posted by A friend   September 30, 2019

My dear sweet Nana,
I miss you, I have missed you. At our visits together I would see that beautiful woman I turned to for so much through my life but It be for a hour or only a flicker in your eye. You taught me to be strong and say what's on my mind. You taught me women can work and run a household. You taught to cook and love life. You had a wonderful life and I'm so happy your with a Papa now! I cry because it's hard to imagine life without you but I know you will always live in my heart and soul. Your memories will never fade and I will teach my child and my children's children to be the amazing person you were. You will never be forgotten. Love you Nana... love one of your Prima Donnas

Posted by Heather Clink - Parma, OH - Grandchild   September 29, 2019

You are at peace now in your forever house. Love , Larry & Sue.

Posted by Larry D - Parma, OH - Family   September 29, 2019

Posted by Ryna Stephens - Camp Verde, AZ - family   September 29, 2019

Posted by Ryna Stephens - Camp Verde, AZ - family   September 29, 2019

A few days ago my very last Aunt passed Dads youngest sister. As children do, we idolize certain people close to us and in our innocence wish like crazy we could grow up to be just like them. She was that person for me........and of course there was no way I was going to grow up and be just like her..........she was gypsy-like with her beautiful face and dark hair, and flashing eyes.....her mercurial moods and passionate approach to life. I am not sure when I realized I could not be who she was, but that didnt change how I felt about her one iota and never did. She turned 91 last week......and what a Life she lived.......I am so grateful she was part of my life even in recent years, that she was that bright light to me for so long. And from her came The gift of my very best 1st cousin, Sherry, who has been with me through thick and sister from another Mother. Farewell my lovely and beloved Aunt Ruth.......

Posted by Ryna Stephens - Camp Verde, AZ - family   September 29, 2019

Oh, the stories in this ladys life. So much laughter, fun, food and wonderful love. My dear aunt Ruth, we will miss you so much.

Posted by Beverly Adams - Bentonville, AR - family   September 28, 2019


Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family. We always had so many laughs when Ruth came to our house to see us and mom (Maria Luccio) we loved her so. The Luccio Family.

Posted by Mary Kay Fryberger & Luccio Family - 11 Birch Lane Olmsted Twp 4, OH   September 27, 2019

Dear Larry and Family,
I was saddened to learn of the death of your mom. When I think of your mom (and dad) a smile comes across my face. I fondly remember all the time spent at your house when we were young and how gracious, welcoming and modern your mom and dad were, no matter the degree of chaos in the DeSiero household at that moment! I always felt I could be myself around them....they were the cool parents! Although your dad left us way to fortunate you were to have your mom with you to such a wonderful age. You will come to cherish it. Oh, and one more thing, we could always count on your mom having a platter of home-made pizza on the counter! The Best!
So Sorry I will be out of town for the services.
With Warmest Sympathy, Your Fiend,
Tom Mayock
(North Ridgeville)

Posted by A friend   September 26, 2019

Sarah, your family is in my thoughts and prayers❤

Posted by Cyn Schwark - Parma, OH - Friend   September 26, 2019

You were the best mom ever. And so forgiving of our faults. I'll miss you every day- best friend. Love you mom forever.

Posted by Sherry Dubbs - Avon Lake, OH   September 25, 2019