Daniel Joesph Wolanski

  • Born: October 14, 1990
  • Died: April 20, 2015
  • Location: Avon Lake, Ohio

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Tribute & Message From The Family

Loving Son, Brother and Grandson

Daniel Joseph Wolanski, (DJ) age 24, passed away at his home in Mahoning County on April 20th, 2015 as the result of a heroin overdose.

DJ was born October 14, 1990, the son of Michael and Lisa (Luznar) Wolanski. The family moved to Avon Lake in 2004. He graduated from ALHS in 2009 and attended one year of college at the University of Cincinnati, until his parents pulled him out due to failing grades. Shortly thereafter, DJ's addiction took over.

DJ will always be remembered for his comical and charismatic personality, his ability to engage an entire room with his fantastic smile, and his love of dancing, playing video games, Star Wars, movies and the Cleveland Browns. Over the course of DJ's life, he made many bad decisions including experimenting with drugs. Unfortunately, his five year addiction and battle with heroin took over. His family and friends truly loved him and tried everything from being supportive to tough love as he struggled with his own inner demons and heroin.

DJ is survived by his parents- Michael and Lisa Wolanski (Luznar); sister- Alyssa Wolanski, paternal grandparents- Michael and Veronica Wolanski; boyfriend -Stephen Eugene Hall, Jr. from Austintown, OH; two grandmothers and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends.
DJ often talked about the growing number of friends that he had lost to this destructive drug and how it destroyed families. They used to say it takes a community to raise a child. Today, we need to say that it takes a community to battle addiction. Someone you know is battling addiction; if your "gut instinct" says something is wrong, it most likely is. Get involved. Do everything within your power to provide help. Don't believe the logical sounding reasons of where their money is going or why they act so different. Don't believe them when they say they're clean.

A Celebration of Daniel's life will take place on Saturday, May 2nd from 4:30 pm – 8:30 pm at Spevock's Nautical Lanes in Avon Lake Ohio.
Friends have started a Go Fund Me Account to assist the family with expenses as DJ did not have any insurance.


Condolence & Memory Journal

It seems like forever and at the same time, just like yesterday. I miss you bud

Posted by Michael Wolanski - New Orleans, LA - Father   April 20, 2019

God Bless DJ. He's at peace.
From someone who spent 22yrs "in the madness"

Posted by Paddy Harnedy - Dublin city   October 08, 2016

So sorry for your loss just watched the story about your dear son . I myself lost my sister to heroin God bless your family stay strong x m

Posted by matt carrol - glasgow   September 03, 2016

I'm so very sorry for the your loss of your son. Many prayers sent to you.

Posted by Kim Rusher - Garrettsville, OH   August 06, 2015

I am so sorry for your loss. No words can help you. I know the pain of addiction can cause.

Posted by frances higgins - catawba, SC   June 08, 2015

So sorry for your loss! May Daniel rest in peace, and may God wrap his loving arms around each one of his family! God bless you!

Posted by Betty Sue Duke - Raleigh, NC   May 17, 2015

My half sister and my mother are addicts to heroin. I am truly so sorry for your loss, its a very dangerous drug and unbiased. This event changed my life and my daughters, sti 9, and i do everything i can to. Make ppl aware. God bless be strong. Sending love.

Posted by dee - rocky river, OH   May 12, 2015

Sorry for your loss

Posted by Michelle - Taylors, SC - relative   May 04, 2015


So very sorry for your loss. So many are battling addiction across the United States. Such a good looking young man with an ability to make others smile. Thank you for being so candid about Daniel and how heroin took his life. This disease should not be covered up, and with more and more families being honest about their loved ones addiction and how it took their life, maybe, just maybe it may save some one life. May God lay his hand upon all of you grieving for Daniel. He and only He can give you peace.

Posted by Pat - Emporium, PA - No relation   May 03, 2015

Don't know him or the family. But your all in my prayers. So sad.

Posted by Georgetta Gaines - Vincennes, IN   May 02, 2015

I understand; I lost my neice to addiction 1/8/14, she took a pill and methadone; my husband of 25 years on and off heroin. You have my deepest condolences, Thank you for your love and courage to share, most would not!

Posted by Sonja Jones - Baltimore, MD   May 02, 2015

So sad, with so much promise in his young life, a good looking young man! May God wrap his loving arms around his loving family and friends! Love and prayers!

Posted by Betty Sue Duke - Raleigh, NC   May 02, 2015

My deepest sympathies to family, friends, loved ones, and anyone else affected by this tragedy. I myself did not know Daniel, but I am a recovered heroin addict, and have seen first hand the devastation that this disease does to families and lives. Again I am so very sorry for your loss, but must commend you on your decision to be so honest in his obituary. Sometimes seeing or hearing what really happened can open people's eyes. And if it helps, there are people that beat this disease. I'm one of them. May God be with you inthis trying time.

Posted by Amber L. Glovas - Canton, OH - stranger sending condolences   May 02, 2015

May our Great God almighty give you comfort during this time of your sorrow. Glen W. Hobbs, Cleveland, MS
May 01, 2015

Posted by Glen W. Hobbs - CLEVELAND, MS - none   May 02, 2015

Your tribute struck a nerve with me - my daughter was born the same day, same year as your son -October 14 1990 - it would break my heart if this happened to her. I wish you peace, and hope that time can help you.

Posted by Carole - VA   May 02, 2015

My deepest sympathy, I know how your family is feeling,my sister died also from drugs my nieces are on drugs also both in rehab, but for how long?? I am saddened by this!! No matter how much you try and help it's there choice to make to get help or wait for a tragically.Im always worried about a phone call or the police coming to my door again!! I love them,but it's there choice to find the road home! My prayers are with your family and find peace in your aching heart.

Posted by Stacey renaud - Lincoln Park, MI - passers-by.   May 02, 2015

I did not know Daniel however his obituary was shared because I am helping my Mother battle her alcohol addiction. This has given me courage to continue and not walk away. Do not think his life was in vain. He is helping others with his story. That is why I'm writing this to you. I'm so sorry for your tragic loss. May you find peace during this difficult time.

Posted by Amelia Jacobs - Lorain, OH - none   May 01, 2015

my prayers are with you all and daniel, there aren't any right words to say that will make things better, but know in time the pain will remain but it will get to be a dull pain, and you will be able to talk about daniel an the tears will flow less. loosing someone you love to addiction is difficult, you go thru so many what ifs.....please don't do this to yourselves

Posted by carol cameron - melbourne, FL - not related   May 01, 2015

Wishing your family peace and prayers. My 23 year old son is also fighting the same addiction, I hate drugs and what it does to the families. I feel and know your pain. I hope god wraps his arms around you at this time.

Posted by Julie - PA   May 01, 2015

May he find peace and may you and your family find some as well. Thank you for honoring his memory by telling it like it is! I have been there and I know your pain. I hope tomorrow looks a little better and I hope that someday the laughter will come before the tears.

Posted by Joe - asheville, NC - friend   May 01, 2015

May his memory be eternal; may all who mourn his death be comforted.

Posted by Michael Kasiunas - Dallas, TX - by being part of the human race   May 01, 2015

Very touching obituary, my sympathy to your family and may God bless you.

Posted by RANDY WHITAKER - VA   May 01, 2015


Dear Lisa and Mike,

My deepest condolences to you and your family. I'm not sure what else to say except God Bless you for bringing attention to the seriousness of addiction in families and especially the kids. I have two teenagers now and it is so hard to think what is out there and bring offered to them. It was much simpler in our day and I really don't think the pressures were there to partake. Take care and let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Posted by Brian Lucas and Family - Olmsted Falls, OH - Friend of the family   May 01, 2015

So sorry for your loss. God Bless

Posted by Elizabeth Wisnieski - Cleveland, OH - from Dr. Klos's. office   May 01, 2015



Posted by MIRIAM GARZA-RAMON - MERCEDES, TX   May 01, 2015

My heart aches and tears stream down my face as I read about your son's death, like so many others these days. You are so brave to share your story . Daniel's pain is over, but the pain you are suffering is great and my prayers go out to you. May God give you strength and comfort and a peace that only He can give.~

Posted by Deb - OH - not related   May 01, 2015


Dearest parents of DJ: We learned of his passing this morning on the internet. A special heartfelt thanks to you for being honest about him. He was a beautiful young man.
Please know he is safe in heaven where he is free. Lance and Jeanne Bifulk - Albany, Wisc.

Posted by Jeanne Bifulk - Albany, WI - saw story on Internet   May 01, 2015


To all the family, friends & loved ones of Daniel... I just read the AOL article on the internet and decided to look up the obit out of curiosity. I think what you have done with Daniel's obit is honorable. I feel for your family and wish you healing... I also wish you hope that your message through the obit will impact someone in a way they choose to make better choices in life. God bless you all

Posted by Jennifer - Quad Cities, IL - someone inpact by your obit   May 01, 2015

I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for penning an honest obituary. Hopefully, it will steer others away from this horrible drug, and make those just beginning to experiment think twice.

Posted by Cynthia McDonald - Evansville, IN - Not related   May 01, 2015

As I read this, I cried for Daniel, I cried for your family, I cried for me, and I cried for my daughter. She too is a heroin addict. She has been for a few years now. Although she never used needles, just snorted, it doesn't make a difference. A heroin addict is a heroin addict. She was clean for a year and out of the blue, she used again. We suffer such a great pain that is all too consuming. I fear I will one day bury my child as you have. Strangely, Daniel's obituary has brought me some comfort knowing I am not alone. I hope somehow you find can find some comfort in my words. God bless you all and I truly thank you for your honesty.

Posted by JO - CT   May 01, 2015

I am so sorry for your loss and think you are amazing for stating what happened. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

Posted by Michele Caldwell - Mentor, OH   May 01, 2015


Prayers for you

Posted by - NJ   May 01, 2015

Prayers to family and friends for the tragic loss of this beautiful child. I watched my daughter struggle with alcoholism for several years. After two stints in rehab, love, support, active involvement in AA and prayer she is about to celebrate 2 years of sobriety. Sadly several people that she has met through her journey that have lost their lives to their addictions. She is able to openly, honestly and without shame share her message of hope to others which helps not only them but herself. Addiction is the great equalizer and knows no racial, social or socioeconomic boundary. Removing shame and stigma and providing education and supports is the only way to prevent more senseless tragic deaths. Thank you for sharing your sons story. I honestly believe it will save lives.

Posted by Jo-An Lynn - IL   May 01, 2015

I am So Proud of this family to come straight forward! IT IS TIME TO STOP HIDING... Suicide and Drug deaths!!!.. My heart is with you ALL that have dealt with this!!.. Time to open up, and Know just how many are Not alone, dealing with these horrible diseases. RIP, ALL of our awesome Daniel's!!

Posted by Deb - wenatchee, WA - not   May 01, 2015

Mike, Lisa, and Alyssa- Our hearts go out to you and the rest of your family. We were very sorry to hear about your loss and Dan's loss to his struggle. You are all in our prayers and we will remember Dan always smiling and full of life.

Posted by The Whiteakers - avon lake, OH - former neighbors   May 01, 2015

To Daniel's Family: Thank you for telling it straight as we have family members that have simply broken the bank; we are retired and now have nothing BUT a paid off home. At least we have that. Your last sentence..........."Don't believe them when they say they are clean"..........should be a bumper sticker !! So sorry for the loss of the son you nutured and loved so much.

Posted by Elaine - Colorado Springs, CO - all of the above   April 30, 2015

So sorry for your loss. I have 2 friends who have lost their boys to the same addiction at the same age.

Posted by Ann - Elyria, OH - another mother   April 30, 2015


I am so sorry for your loss, I also have a son(that went to school with Daniel) that is a addict trying to stay clean. You do not think that it could happen to someone you love because you did everything to raise them the right way, it is a disease. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and hoping Daniel finds peace.

Posted by Michelle - Avon Lake, OH   April 30, 2015

To Wolanski family, so sorry for your loss I lost a child to violence you to addiction, both are deadly and a problem for our children today. May God grant you and your family peace and comfort during this difficult time. Remember God loves you.

Posted by Deborah Earley - Richmond, VA - not related   April 30, 2015


I am sorry for your loss , I too have an addicted child and my heart
Goes out to you . Know that your son was there somewhere
And he loved you . I have a group called BA FORCE battling addiction
Families of Recovering Children & Education please join me on
Facebook to learn more on fighting this battle . God Bless and prayers

Posted by Rene Elefteriou - North Royalton, OH   April 30, 2015


Thank you for your honesty sharing the pain - I too have a child that is in this battle. No one truly understands until your are faced with the beast of Heroin. My prayers go out to you and yours for the loss of your beautiful son. Forever hold your memories and know he is with you always in spirit.

Posted by Wendy - OH   April 30, 2015

So sorry for the loss of your son, hoping that the words of Jesus here in the book of Luke 7:13-15 will give you that hope

Posted by A friend   April 30, 2015


Sorry for your loss and suffering. Not only now at the time of his heath but also during his life of addiction. He was in pain as well. Being a recovering addict myself, trust me, it was never his intention to hurt anyone, especially his loved ones. Rejoice in his happy sober memories when his precious real personality peeked through. You will meet again in a drug free paradise. May God cradle you in his unconditional loving arms until that day. Sincerely, Lori Beth Anderson

Posted by Lori Beth Anderson - Franklinville, NJ - not related   April 30, 2015


May God watch over you during this hard and confusing time. I lost my son this past December to a heroin overdose. I still feel in limbo and have a hard time believing it really happened. I find talking with others who are in the same situation tends to help me. Thank you for sharing.
Jim, Fawn Grove, PA

Posted by Jim - Fawn Grove, PA   April 30, 2015


I am so truly sorry for your loss. I will always keep your family in my prayers. I have lost 24 friends and family in the past 4 years to Heroin. I am touched by your story and the way you reached out through Daniel's obituary to other people needing the same help that Daniel needed.
RIP Daniel

Posted by Brandy Smart - Akron, OH - not related   April 30, 2015

I am so sorry for your loss. I didn't know Daniel or his family, but unfortunately I know your pain all too well. I lost my own 24 year old son to a heroin overdose last summer. I live with this pain and sadness everyday. Just like you, our family tried to do everything possible to help our son. He would do well for a few weeks and then he would relapse. I admire your bravery, by telling his story, hopefully someone else will make a decision to get help or even better, never try drugs. We must continue to share information with each other, to help put an end to this madness! It has become an epidemic in this country. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.

Posted by Donna Simpson - Winston Salem, NC   April 29, 2015


Thank you for sharing the effects this drug has on our loved ones. I have a daughter who is now in detox and rehab because of this drug. I pray every day for families that have lost loved ones or have loved ones in rehab. May God comfort you and your family. I have printed the obituary so I can have my daughter read. Maybe this will help her take the right step. God bless you

Posted by Rose - Cleveland, OH - not related   April 29, 2015

Dear Wolanski Family, I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what you are going through. You are so brave to share your family tragedy with family, close friends, and friends that you will never meet. Hold the wonderful memories close to your heart. Our prayers from our family to your family, The Stokes Family

Posted by Deborah Stokes - Magnolia, OH - Not related   April 29, 2015


My deepest condolences to you. Thank you for sharing Daniel's story. You are in my prayers, as I too am a mom with a recovering heroin addict and know the need for others to understand.

Posted by Laura - BrookPark, OH - Mom of a Recovering Addict   April 29, 2015

thank you for being so honest concerning your loved ones addiction. I too have a son battling this disease for the past 8 years. So many lives have been lost to soon. I pray that God wraps his loving arms around your family and gives you the strenghth and comfort to help you through this. God Bless you.

Posted by Chris - Akron, OH - not related   April 29, 2015


I am sorry for your loss, my family has been down this same road and I know your pain. My prayers are with you all and for Daniel, I have a loved one who still struggles with this addiction and maybe Daniels story can help save her life.

Posted by Bridget Bradick - Spokane, WA - not   April 29, 2015

Bless you for your bravery in sharing the devastating and brutal reality of addiction. There is hope and healing in the rooms of many 12 step programs, may you find comfort in the days ahead.

Posted by Dawn O'Neil - Seattle, WA - not related   April 29, 2015


I am so very Sorry to hear of your loss. My prayers and thoughts are with you in this very difficult time. I to lost a son to suicide July of 2008, due to drugs and alcohol, he would of been 34 this past Jan. God Bless and take it one day at a time or minute by minute if you have to. God is always by your side...

Posted by Dawn Yurske - Merrillan, WI - not related   April 29, 2015

Thank you so much for being honest. I am a recovering alcoholic and addict. Thanks to muy higher power (mine now is God) I got into recovery before it was too late. Still I have to go one day at a time because I could relapse if I do not work my program even with 23 yrs. My heart goes out to your family. I am without words. All I can say if anyone reads this if you know a suffering alcoholic or addict out there give them a hug, tell them you love him or her, you might of just saved someones life. God Bless

Posted by Mary Ellen Forthofer - Sheffield Lake, OH - no relation   April 29, 2015


I am so sorry for your loss. My 21 year old son has an addiction problem too. Like you, we have tried it all and I am so afraid that we will lose our son. What can you do? Thank you for sharing and God bless you and your family.

Posted by Vicki - IN - Not related   April 29, 2015

Thank you for sharing Daniel's story so that others may benefit through him. Although he is gone, your story continues. I hope you find peace. God bless

Posted by Robin Autry - VA   April 29, 2015

I'm so sorry for your loss and how helpless you probably felt in trying to help him. Addiction to drugs or alcohol is very powerful and unless you are one, it is hard for normal earth people to understand. I hope you can find peace and God bless

Posted by Jonathan - greensboro, NC - not related   April 29, 2015

Prayers and condolences to Daniel's family. MAy God give you strength in this time of sadness. I lost my beautiful daughter 2 years ago at age 19 to heroin. Too many kids gone from this. Tragedy. Losing a child is the hardest thing ever. Not sure you ever really find peace but you move on the best you can. God Bless.

Posted by Kim - Denver, CO - Not related   April 29, 2015

I am sorry to hear of the loss of your child. Prayers to your family at this time.

Posted by kelly webster - grand rapids, MI - a caring person   April 29, 2015

I do not know you or your family but I can definitely relate to your pain and loss. I lost a brother to hard drugs to prescription pills. I feel that it's harder on family members than on the one shooting up, etc. for we realize how they're putting themselves right into deaths hands. My prayers and condolences to you and your family. I truly commend you for sharing his addictions in his obituary.

Posted by karen hughes - grand rapids, MI - I'm not.   April 29, 2015


Thank you for the honest approach in sharing Daniels struggle and may God give you strength and courage on this next path.of Daniels journey. God bless.

Posted by Georgia Roysdon    April 29, 2015

I dont know you, but im very sorry for your loss, God Bless all of you

Posted by Barbara krueger - BROOKLYN, OH - not   April 29, 2015

"When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure"
Our heartfelt condolences to you and your family. -Lynn Mytrosevich, Ron Moser, and family

Posted by A friend   April 28, 2015

I'm very sorry for the loss of your beautiful child. I know what addiction is, because I to, have a son who uses. I've tried to understand, to no avail. I have felt upset and cried, been angry to not caring. I hope God walks with your family through all this pain. God Bless You and may he RIP. Pat Emory Elyria, Ohio April 27 2015

Posted by Pat Emory - elyria, OH   April 28, 2015

Mike and family. I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I also lost my Godson Albert Fende last August due to a heroin overdose. My heart and prayers go out to you. Rebecca Yondo (former OBM student)

Posted by A friend   April 27, 2015

Although I did now know Daniel or your family, I cannot say how much my heart aches for your loss & this tragedy. So many people losing kids, loved ones, friends over this heroin - such a great loss.
Thank you for being so open regarding his addiction....I've had friends lose their children and are fighting each day with their addiction. May God hold your family & Daniel in his arms & I pray for strength for your family. I hope his soul is at peace now. My sincerest sympathies.

Posted by Debi - Avon Lake, OH   April 27, 2015

i'm so sad to have seen this in the obituaries. I'm sorry for your loss.

Posted by A friend   April 27, 2015

My heart cries for you, but applauds your courage and your compassion for others who suffer your awful pain. May your words and the depth of emotion and caring behind them be the wake-up call for someone else, so that no other families need suffer as you are suffering now --- and have suffered these past 5 years. May God bless you.

Posted by Lorene Coughlin - Avon Lake, OH   April 27, 2015

I do not know you or Daniel, but I hope and believe your message will reach many. God Bless and my condolences.

Posted by Kristina Hellmann - Cannington   April 27, 2015


So Sorry

Posted by Jolisa garuso    April 27, 2015

So very sorry for your loss, this disease takes over your whole world. I've been in recovery for 19 years. I never new the hell I put my parents thur until my daughter started using. I've waited for that same call and I thank God every day I haven't gotten it. She's moved 1100 miles away. All I can do is pray and turn it over. I admire you for sharing your story. If it saves just one person it was worth it. Sending prayers to you and yours. God bless you all.

Posted by Karen B. - Olmsted Township, OH - AA   April 27, 2015


God Bless Your Family!

Posted by The Caswells - Wellington, OH - A sorrowful stranger   April 27, 2015

although I did not know Daniel or his family-I want to tell you all how sorry I am for your loss. Heroin is a terrible thing and one of the most powerful addictions. It was very brave of you to share the cause of his passing. I know he is at peace and his demon now gone. God bless you all. Pam Black, East Lynn, WV

Posted by Pamela Black - Genoa, WV   April 27, 2015

I don't know Daniel or his family but I do know addiction and how it destroys lives and family. I pray you can find comfort in knowing that although Daniel is gone your testimony of Daniel may just help another young life to get help. God Bless you and your loved ones.

Posted by mj siers - Akron, OH - friend of a friend.   April 26, 2015

You do not know me but I am so very sorry for your loss...no parent should have to bury their child. May God comfort and sustain you and your family. Sincerely, Kathleen Sapp

Posted by Kathleen Sapp - Elyria, OH - no relation   April 26, 2015


Michael and Lisa, I am soo very sorry for your loss! I remember DJ when he was little. Jessie and I are thinking of you and your family.

Posted by Jessie and Ronda Bragg - Palestine, WV - friend   April 26, 2015

I did not know Daniel nor do I know your family but saw this and just have to tell you I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I have lost family to addiction and know the helplessness you felt. I admire your candor in this obituary and know it was not easy to publish. Please know there are many people who know your pain and also know that Daniels life had great value. I am so very sorry, deeply sorry for your loss.

Posted by Carl Yarmo - ME   April 26, 2015


I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful son DJR.I.P.sweet boy <3>

Posted by Rose - N.Ridgeville, OH   April 26, 2015

Although we have never met , nor did I know Daniel , I do know this story through our son. Our family lives with his addiction , and it's by-products every day. Thank you for sharing in his obituary the struggle that many of us deal with. My heart goes out to your family as you deal with this terrible loss.

Posted by Al Rodabaugh - Wapakoneta, OH   April 26, 2015

I am so sorry for your loss. Dan was such a fun and loving young man. I will always remember him and his beautiful smile. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Renee and Bob Decker

Posted by Renee Decker - Avon Lake, OH - friend   April 26, 2015

Mike & Lisa, I am so sad for you right now. I pray that you will find comfort in each other and with God, and that memories of your son will bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart.
God bless you all.
Sharon Tehoke(former co-worker @OBM)

Posted by Sharon Tehoke - Northfield Center, OH   April 26, 2015

I commend you for being so candid so others may learn. Sorry for your loss.

Posted by Jason - lagrange, OH - none   April 26, 2015

Thank you for being open about how your son passed. I wish more people would share so others could see how often it happens. I am so sorry for your loss and wish your family love and peace.

Posted by A friend   April 26, 2015


I wasn't fortunate to have known Daniel or your family; however I came across his story and I am extremely sorry for your loss. I have been a medic for 15 years and have also witnessed firsthand the devastating effects that addiction can have on young people, especially.
I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers and I pray that by sharing your son's story, you are able to help another young person who is also headed down the path of destruction. May God and His Angels comfort you in your time of sorrow.

Posted by V - FL - GrievingStranger   April 26, 2015

I am sorry for your loss.

Posted by A friend   April 26, 2015

I am. Terribly sorry for ur loss, my 8 yr old daughter found a close family member unconscious bc of heroin, she is now in couseling and it was hard, the icu nurse told me 85% of icu was heroin overdoses, must end . rip, god bless my heart, hurt, anger and love Are with you.

Posted by kelly - OH - none   April 26, 2015

I have no idea who you are but, want to say how sorry I am to your family. My friend lost her daughter 6 months ago to this destructive way of life that so many are facing. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, saying goodbye to this beautiful young girl. There has to be a answer to this and a way to stop this from happening to our young people. May God Bless you and welcome you with open arms. May God Bless your family and may the good memories keep them.

Posted by Carol Presjak - Orwell, OH   April 26, 2015


This is such a sad result of a terrible disease, I have been sober now since 2007 and I wouldn't touch what is on the streets now a days because I don't want to die. I have finally turned my life around but there are numerous people that I have wanted to help. I am also an advocate for Project DAWN at the Elyria Board of Health and the Cleveland Free Clinic on Euclid Ave in Cleveland. Sadly I have had to use this product twice on my 20 year old nephew and his ex-girlfriend. I saved both of their lives but, along with being an addict I am very co dependant and I believe if your addict friend or family member knows that you are in possession of Narcan to save their lives and trust me that it's a miracle drug, that they will possible use more thinking oh, my family is here to save me now, they have medicine. So I suggest not to tell him/her or a family member that cannot be trusted. I pray for young people like this, I know what opiates of any kind can do for you and I give comfort to the family as much as I can knowing they are not the only sufferers out there from addiction. There are programs and helping people out there but it doesn't always last forever and there are risks for relapse. If anyone ever needs to speak or want's to meet at an AL-anon meeting to prove that it is NOT your fault you can find me on Facebook, my name is Michelle Fitch and my location says Pinellas Fla but it's not, I'm from Amherst Ohio. I love to support and help anyone who needs it, and there are Al-anon groups on Facebook if you feel that you don't want to show your face quite yet. God bless all of you and you will all be in my prayers...What a handsome boy to lose to such a nightmare...Please contact me inbox if you need me. I go to an Amherst meeting on Sunday...God loves you Daniel Joseph Wolanski and he will take care of you now, you are no longer suffering from your disease but maybe your spirit will save someone, or help someone say no.

Posted by Michelle Fitch - Amherst, OH - Friend of a Friend   April 25, 2015

Mike ,Lisa and family ,So very sorry for your tragic loss ..My deepest sympathy . My prayers are with you .

Posted by Rosemarie - Willoughby Hills, OH - Friends through martial arts   April 25, 2015

Lisa, Mike and Alyssa, thoughts, prayers and hugs to all of you!

Posted by Kimberly - Avon Lake, OH - Family Friend   April 25, 2015

"Thank You for Sharing." Your hearts must be breaking. It upsets me to hear news like this since I am a recovering alcoholic Prayers to both of you, your families and friends. Prayers to the suffering alcoholics and addicts suffering from this DISEASE out there, maybe someday they may find the way to recovery.

Posted by Mary Ellen Forthofer - sheffifed Lake, OH - no relationship   April 25, 2015

So sorry about the loss of your son. I didn't know your son but wanted to thank you for such a powerful and much needed message! My family is torn apart by this addiction! God bless you!

Posted by Lisa - Elyria, OH - None   April 25, 2015

So very sorry for the Wolanski Family. Thank you for sharing Daniel's illness. My family lost my 19 yr old grandson to the disease of addiction. It is heart breaking that we are losing so many young people to drugs. May you find peace.

Posted by Deborah Humphrey - utica, NY - connected by loss   April 25, 2015


I am so deeply sorry to hear of your loss. I enjoyed laughing along with Dan when he was a student at ALHS. He truly did light up a room with his positive energy and his amazing sense of humor. This is a true loss to the world. This news has brought tears to my eyes and heart. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Shelly Burgess - Avon, OH - ALHS teacher   April 25, 2015


Dear Mike and Lisa,
I am so sorry for your tragic loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Posted by Linda Biller - OH   April 25, 2015

Thank You for sharing! Working with trouble youth for 15 Yrs..I have seen my share of horrific addictions but HEROIN IS LIKE NO OTHER! IT TRULY IS THE DEVIL! My Deepest Sympathy! Remember this is not good bye but until we all meet again! HEAVEN--- NO DRUGS, HEARTACHE, WORRIES, PAIN, OR FEAR! when it is time to go home the son that you raised will be waiting for all of you!

Posted by Michelle Lopez - Lorain, OH   April 25, 2015

My heart breaks for you I know what your going thru, I lost my youngest son on January 1, 2013 to a heroin overdose. Keeping your family in my prayers.

Posted by Amy Beck - greenwich, OH   April 25, 2015

I do not know your family or this young man but I admire your courage to truthfully share his story. Your desire to hopefully spare another family this pain is admirable. I pray for that you will know God's peace and grace in the coming days and years and that you can remember the good times in this precious young man's life.

Posted by Kendra Owens    April 25, 2015


I simply have no words to offer at this time of overwhelming grief for you and your family. I pray only that He grant you peace, and that the cherished memories you have now disway the pain and anguish till you are all united again.

Posted by Daryl Whitten - Geneva, OH - Friend   April 25, 2015

From my family to yours, our deepest sympathies.

Posted by Sal LoDolce - Brunswick, OH - Friend   April 25, 2015

I worked with Daniel at one time. He was a great guy. I am sorry to hear of his passing...Keeping the family in thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Posted by Donald Chuppa - Broadview Heights, OH   April 25, 2015

So sorry for your loss. I understand what you are going through because I too have a child that is doing drugs. You & your family are in my prayers.

Posted by Kim Hall - shreveport, LA - Aunt to Stephen   April 25, 2015


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Wolanski and Alyssa, Words could never express what my heart feels. I have not seen Daniel in years, though he has remained constant in my home for 19 ; his photograph ~ one of my most cherished possessions. I loved Daniel the moment I met him; my daughters dear friend throughout Elementary at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. The memory of his smile, his face and kind, gentle, happy, friendly, respectful personality and sidekick Alyssa are etched in my mind; As is, the day he broke the news that the family would leave the area. Time after time for the past 11 + years, and as recent as last month: I have held his picture that he so proudly gave me, kissed his face, and said his name out loud. Though anger has all but replaced grief at the news of his passing, my thoughts and prayers have been with you and your family. Your strength is immeasurable and I support you in any effort to rid the devil in the streets; that Daniel's life not be in vain~ should even one life be saved! It is with most sincere sympathy, I send my prayers and condolences to all of you. May God give you continued strength through this difficult time and always. Godspeed "Daniel Wolanski" Love and Light to you!! Our lives were blessed because you were in it. Peace and comfort to all who hold you dear.

Posted by Anita (Janz) - Kirtland, OH - Jo's Mom from OLMC   April 25, 2015

I am so sorry for your loss.

I did not know DJ, I just read the obituary and must say, THANK YOU for adding the personal info about heroin. It couldnt have been an easy decision. I am an ER nurse and see so much. Heroin is killing so many young people. There is a way out. It's not easy, but nothing worth having is easy.

Again, I am SO sorry for your loss.

Posted by Sherry - Sandusky, OH - community member   April 25, 2015

You are a tremendous family to share this story with the public. I commend you. Not only will your honesty touch many, but will also illustrate that this drug in particular reaches across every boundary that we have to steal loved ones from us. I pray for your peace and thank you for sharing this tribute to your son. Blessings. Shannon

Posted by Shannon Haas - Elyria, OH - no relation   April 25, 2015

My condolences to your family at this very difficult time. I don't know you but I am well aware of the pain of addiction & the loss of love ones so I empathize & sympathize. May you be enveloped in peace & comfort. Thank you for your decision to be bold & honest. You may have just saved countless lives. God bless you.

Posted by Sarita - lorain - fellow human   April 25, 2015

Lisa & family: I am so very sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Posted by Marie Kelly - Brunswick, OH - Friend   April 25, 2015

My condolences to you Lisa, Alyssa, and Mike and All of your loved ones at this sad time. Daniel will be forever missed, you are and will remain in my thoughts. I will always remember Dan as kind and for his incredible smile which was very contagious and anyone he came into contact with will agree. May you always hold fond memories of your time together. I am terribly sorry.

Posted by Stephen Wireman - Strongsville, OH - Friend   April 25, 2015

Dear Wolanski Family,

You have my deepest condolences for the loss you have experienced. Danny was one of the most loving, caring, funny, and charismatic people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing; when he was off of the drugs. He always could make me smile. When he was using; I never knew what to expect. The last few months of his life were utter chaos and were filled with pain as he dealt with relapse, homelessness, poverty, and many other horrors. One January evening, I decided that I was done with him. I knew that he was using again; he looked and acted the way that I have looked the many nights I tried to convince my loved ones that I wasn't using drugs when in fact I was using. I did this to protect my own recovery and my own life. I know that Danny is free from his pain and his spirit is still with us. On April 20th, I had just finished a conversation about him with the mutual friend who introduced us to each other when I learned of this tragedy. He will FOREVER be in my heart! I love you Danny!

Posted by Will Chritton - Canton, OH - Friend   April 25, 2015

My sincere condolences on the loss of your beautiful son. My heart is aching for you all.

Posted by Beth Babineau - st Stephen, New Brunswick, C   April 25, 2015

My heart goes out to your family at this tragic time of loss.I highly respect your decision in the honesty of cause of death. This is such a tragic epidemic. I wish there were more that had your courage. Being in recovery there has been so many deaths from heroin the past several years and just buried a friend 2 weeks ago. Much peace to your family and thank you

Posted by Kym Spangler - amherst, OH - friend   April 24, 2015

Lisa I am so sorry for you and your family's loss. I can't even imagine your broken heart, their is no other pain than to lose a child. I just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you and your family. Patty Pagliaro-Tagliarini

Posted by Patty Pagliaro-Tagliarini - Garfield Hts, OH - was co-worker   April 24, 2015

My sincerest condolences to the family. I attended Glenbeigh with Daniel and we kept in contact for quite some time after we both got out and we become good friends. I will always remember the conversations we had and cherish them.

Posted by Michael Harness - South Lake Tahoe, CA - Friend   April 24, 2015

Condolences to the family. I met Danny at Rock Creek and was his roommate. Great guy, great friend, and great card player. He came to live at Foster 2 and was a roommate with me once again. Such a great abd funny kid. He'll be missed.

Posted by Greg K. - Stony Ridge, OH - Friend   April 24, 2015

I only knew Danny for a short time before his life was abruptly was taken by the disease of addiction, but while I knew him he was actively seeking recovery and looking for a new way to live without drugs. I believed in his desire to live differently and his enthusiasm for recovery was admirable to say the least. I would like to believe he is at peace now. His amazing spirit will not be forgotten and will remain in my heart always.

Posted by Julia - mineral ridge, OH - friend   April 24, 2015

Mike and Lisa, our thoughts and prayers go out to you and we are so sad that DJ wasn't able to Defeat his demons.

Posted by Kirk and Patty Kahla - Boise, ID - friend   April 24, 2015

Mike, Lisa, Alyssa and family, We are so sorry.

Posted by Barbara Lehmkuhl - Avon Lake - Mother of Alyssa's friend,Amanda   April 24, 2015

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